“Timing is everything” Dean Behrens

Even with the right information… the right structure… and the right people…. if your timing is off…. everything can come crashing down.

Too early…. and you are fighting an uphill battle… no real buy in.

Too late… and everyone is drained… and no one wants to take risks… or change.

Getting everything supportive… coherent… and working together….that is timing!

Words of wisdom from my dearest friend Dean Behrens. August 18, 2011

Nuevo libro sobre empresas familiares en América Latina

Understanding Entrepreneurial Family Businesses in Uncertain Environments. Opportunities and Research in Latin America

Edited by Esteban Brenes, INCAE Business School, Mattias Nordqvist, Jönköping Internatinal Business School, María Fonseca-Paredes, Tecnológico de Monterrey – CEM, Gonzalo Jiménez, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Giuseppe Marzano

This is the third volume in the STEP series, is uniquely centered on familial entrepreneurial activity in Latin America. The contributions, based on empirical evidence and an overall theoretical framework, focus on practical learning in addition to the advancement of scholarly knowledge. December 2011 c 208 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 465 3.

Espéralo este diciembre, por la editorial Edward Elgar Publishing.