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Study Oppotunities for Visiting International Students
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Spring Semester /January - May 2014

Orientation week: January 7-11
First day of Classes: January 13th
Easter holidays: April 14-19
Last day of classes: May 8th
Weeks of final exams: May 9 -22
Last day of the semester: May 23 (students could be back earlier depending of their exams dates).


  • To be eligible for admission, all paper work must be received by the application deadline. After application deadline all documents received will produce a late registration fee.
  • Housing will be assigned on a first come first served basis upon receiving applications. Please send your application as early as possible.
  • You must also plan to arrive at least one day before the Orientation Session, whereas impotant academic information will only be available on the first day of Orientation.
  • Final exams at Tecnológico de Monterrey are programmed according to your class schedule. You will know the specific dates for your final exams when you register for the courses. We suggest you buy an open-return airplane ticket or plan to leave until one day after the official exam period ends.

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