• Host Family Program:

If you wish to apply to the Host Family program, besides the Application Form, include the following:

  • A short essay about family life style and habits (could be send by e-mail to genarosh@itesm.mx)
  • Take on consideration the following: If you wish to be part of the Host Family Programs be aware that this might be an impact of your own cultural and lifestyle background (for example:  Meals, practice of Spanish Language 24/7, non-room service, behavior, free time work, share room, etc). This Program is for those who would like to know and adapt to the way of life of a Mexican Family.

The total cost of the Host Family Program should be paid directly to the Host Family. It must be a monthly pay and in Mexican pesos.

Please take in consideration that if once you are in the city and you wish to quit the Host Family program, the International Program’s Coordinator of the Host Family program should know about the situation and the motives to your decision. She/he will if the situation proceeds.

If it does, the coordinator will notify the host family and the international student should pay the complete month payment that it is in course. Therefore, if you have any disagreement with your host family or roommates, please contact the International Programs Coordinator Immediately!