Once you filled out the Tecnológico de Monterrey Admission Application Form  and got your username and password, you’ll need to access the SIM Application Form at http://sim.itesm.mx
Follow the next suggestions:

  • You’ll need to fill out all the blank spaces in order to fully complete your form.
  • Please respect the Campus option at Estado de México Campus and your period of interest. It could be summer period, semester period or trimester period. If you fill out with another period of interest such as tetramestre period, the Admission Department won’t have access to your request and therefore your admission process will delay or get lost. If you are coming for more than 1 period to study abroad and you are an Independent Student, please send an e-mail to genarosh@itesm.mx with this notification. If you are an exchange student, then you exchange coordinator will notify how long will be your time abroad at Tecnologico de Monterrey., just fill out the first period you’ll study abroad with us.
  • If your home university has an exchange agreement with Tecnologico de Monterrey and you are coming through THAT exchange agreement as an exchange student, please in the 3rd page of Academic Information select YES in the ‘Agreement’ field and Direct Exchange as ‘type of Agreement.’ If you are coming as an independent student, please select in the 3er page NO in the ‘Agreement’ field.
  • In the Academic Area, all the options are written in Spanish. Please do not panic, since this field WON’T affect your selection of courses in the end since you can choose different courses from different academic areas if they are all in the same academic level –undergraduate or graduate respectively. If you do not feel confident in choosing a correct academic area, you could always choose the option #N/A. (** For more information about the selection of courses please check the FAQ’s about that topic).
  • In the 4th page, in the ‘Contact Information’ section, if you are coming as an independent student, please write the information regarding the person who will write you the Letter of Recommendation. If you are coming as an exchange student please write the contact information of your study abroad coordinator at your home university. The photo it’s not mandatory, but if you’d like to include it, it should be yours.