• Late Arrival

Arriving late to class is never recommended since there are many implications. We can accept your late arrival under the following conditions:
1.- That all your classes are registered before your arrival, so when you arrive you go straight to class. Spanish language courses do not allow students to be absent for more than the first week of classes, so have in mind that you will only be allowed to take regular graduate classes.
2.- That you don’t exceed more than 2 weeks of absences on class. Have in mind that you will only be allowed to have 3 more hours of absences in class since our total number of absences to pass a course is 9 hours.  If you exceed the number of absences allowed in one course, you are going to fail the course.
3.- That you accept all the consequences that might come up for not arriving on time. These consequences might be both academic and administrative.
If you agree to the above, then we can accept your late arrival. Sorry for being so strict on this, but experience tell us that students that do not arrive on the specified suggested dates end up with problems in classes or with administrative process.

Please respond to the acceptance of the conditions above by sending and e-mail regarding this situation togenarosh@itesm.mx.