Most of the courses listed in the website for (Regular courses taught in English) are offered during all year long.
You will be able to access the selection of courses for undergraduate students and Non-Business graduate students once you’ve been admitted to Tecnológico de Monterrey as an international student and be notified via e-mail. With this notification you’ll receive a link that goes to the Student Hand Book and has information about the selection of courses and the steps for doing the Spanish Placement Test. Take in consideration that you can choose different courses from different academic areas as long as they are all in the same academic level –undergraduate or graduate respectively, or you can even combine programs: (e.g.) Spanish Language courses + Regular university courses + Volunteer Social work.
**One month and a half before the beginning of classes the site will reopen for the selection of courses.
For graduate business courses that will be going to EGADE (Graduate School of Business) at a trimester period, the selection of courses and the Spanish Placement test will be given to you from the Staff member  in charge of EGADE exchange programs, one month before your arrival.
Every international student must take the Spanish Placement test (even if they do not want to take any Spanish language course or regular university courses taught in Spanish). The test will help us to find out your level of Spanish and serves as a basis for the allocation of groups in the Spanish Language courses. It isn’t a “proper” test – so there is no reason to be afraid of it. Just try to answer the questions as best you can, since this will ensure that you attend the course that is right for you. Depending on you score and knowledge of Spanish, the proper courses will be opened for you. You won't be able to take Regular University courses taught in Spanish if you do not reach an advanced level.